Wind and Fuel Cells

The state of California offers two incentive programs for customers installing wind energy or fuel cell systems. RinneLegal assists its clients in identifying the correct program, provides advice in the incentive application process, and guides through other legal and regulatory challenges.

The two main state programs for wind and fuel cell technologies are the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) and the Emerging Renewable Program (ERP). Both programs are a direct result of Assembly Bill 970 which was approved in September 2000. The intention of the bill was to create more energy supply and demand programs. Following the call for such programs, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) created the SGIP with a March 2001 decision. After solar was transitioned from the SGIP into the California Solar Initiative, the SGIP now provides incentives solely for wind energy technologies and fuel cells. The ERP surfaced as the successor of the 1998 Emerging Renewables Buydown Program in January 2007.

While the SGIP is geared towards small to medium businesses and large institutional customers, the ERP was primarily created for residential customers. The main difference between the programs is the size of the funded technologies. A project may qualify for both programs under certain circumstances. However, an application for both incentive programs at the same time is not possible. The information provided on this website will provide you with an overview of both programs. If you should have further questions, you may contact us for a free initial consultation.

Self-Generation Incentive Program

Emerging Renewables Program