ERP Incentives

Financial incentives provided by the ERP vary. They largely depend on the technology, the system size, and the installation method (owner or self installed systems receive lower rebates (15%) than professionally installed systems). The following table lists the ERP base incentives:

TechnologyDescriptionOutput SizeFunding LevelsOther Requirements
Small Wind Turbinessmall, electricity-producing, wind-driven generating systemsup to 50 kW$2.50/W for first 7.5 kW and $1.50/W for increments between > 7.5 kW and < 30 kW (rebate is limited to 30 kW)- system must be on own property

- must be customer of utility contributing funds to the ERP (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, or BE (Bear Valley Electric Service))

Fuel Cells (using renewable fuels)technologies that generate electricity through an electrochemical reaction using a renewable fuel <30 kW$3.00/W for systems less than 30 kW

The ERP offers rebates for installing systems on affordable housing projects. The amount of the total ERP incentives may be reduced if incentives are received from other sources. For questions about the base rebate and exceptions to the ERP base incentive you may contact RinneLegal at 1-888-888-888.

ERP Program Eligibility Requirements