Counseling Foreign Companies

The clients at Rinne Legal are as diverse as our attorneys. We received legal education and training in the United States and in Germany. We are fluent in both languages. Our strong ties to companies and cooperating law firms in Europe are an advantage for companies and individuals engaged in cross-border business transactions.

We are familiar with the legal intricacies of cross-border business such as international tax treatises, subsidiary rules and investor visa processes. Some of the legal projects such as complicated international tax calculations and analyses for corporations are being performed in cooperation with our Frankfurt (Germany) partner law firm Winheller & Associates.

Small to midsized Renewable Energy Companies

We focus on companies in Germany and Europe who are venturing out into the American market. We provide the legal foundation such as:

  • Market Research
  • Market Entry Consulting
  • Entity Formation
  • Monetary Incentive Analysis
  • Regulatory Guidance

Our law firm is the go-to partner for German companies and law firms seeking U.S. legal advice for themselves or for their clients.

Market Research & Market Entry Analysis

Rinne Legal provides market analysis upon request by a client. We are located in the heart of an emerging renewable energy industry and work with experts in the field to assess the client's options and to find the best locations appropriate for growing a renewable energy business. For more information about our market research packages and prices please contact us.

Entity Formation

Starting a business in the U.S. or doing business in the U.S. requires legal protection. This is being accomplished by forming a corporation or a limited liability company either as a free standing entity or as a foreign-owned subsidiary. We analyze the tax implications of cross-border ventures and advise our clients which type of entity will have the best tax advantages. Starting a business in the U.S. entails other important legal considerations such as purchase-sale agreements and successor arrangements.

Monetary Incentives and Regulatory Guidance

Rinne Legal is a leader among small law firms offering comprehensive monetary incentive analyses and regulatory guidance. For a detailed overview of how your company can benefit from government incentives such as grants, rebates, tax credits and feed-in tariffs, we have authored over 50 pages of detailed information. Please go to Alternative Energy on this website to read more. In addition Rinne Legal is one of a handful of law firms authoring a blog on up-to-date issues and information about renewable energy. To read our blog click here.