Credit Card Debt Negotiation & Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Do you have credit card debt ? Are you being harassed by debt collectors ? Do you want to know how to get rid of your debt ? Have you been served with a summons and complaint or received a default judgment ? Has a creditor filed a law suit against you ?

Rinne Legal can help you. We are bankruptcy lawyers in Walnut Creek, Fairfield and Sacramento. We also defend clients against lawsuits by debt collectors and credit card companies. Not everyone wants to or can file bankruptcy. Successfully defending a lawsuit against a credit card company can be the answer. To negotiate a debt the client must have some type of income or assets that can be used to settle the debt. If the client does not have any money left a bankruptcy may be the solution.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

California Rosenthal Act

We often help our clients by finding FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). violations. These violations can trigger $1000.00 penalties against the collector or the collection company plus attorneys' fees. We will help you enforce your legal rights.

Having worked at one of the largest debt collection law firms,  I am familiar with the practices and the weaknesses of debt collection cases. Knowing how debt collection companies work is key to wining a case and defending a person against debt collectors by way of negotiation. We do not do debtor defense work at this time.

Rinne Legal looks at all available avenues to help people get out of debt. It does not always have to be bankruptcy. We evaluate your financial situation and give you our legal opinion if debt settlement or bankruptcy is the best option for you. We assist clients in stopping creditor calls and harassment. One effective avenue is to send a cease and desist letter to the creditor.  If the creditor continues to call you once the letter has been sent, this is an automatic violation.

Sacramento and Walnut Creek Debt Settlement Attorney

It has become very common to owe a lot of credit card debt. There are many reasons for a person to accumulate credit card debt, such as job loss, medial bills, or a divorce.  Over time, balances increase and with them the minimum payments. Eventually a person is “maxed out” and can no longer get credit. At that point, clients often come to us to get relief. We encourage you to come to us earlier on in the game when you still have more options.

Wherever you are in the debt cycle or however much debt you have, you should contact us to make an appointment for a free consultation.  Our lawyers can help you.

Contra Costa Debt Settlement Attorneys

The advantage of hiring a bankruptcy attorney to settle your debt is that credit card companies know that we know the laws that protect debtors.  If they do not negotiate, they may not get any money back at all  if the client files for bankruptcy.

Debt settlement is different for every client and the free consultation is designed to evaluate the options available to you.

Rinne Legal is a debt relief agency. Rinne Legal helps people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code. We serve clients in Contra Costa County, Sacramento County and Solano County. We have offices in Walnut Creek.