ERP Program Eligibility Requirements

Type of TechnologyTwo technologies qualify for funding:
  • Small Wind Turbines
    • wind-driven generating systems that produce electricity
    • rated output of 50 kilowatts or less

  • Fuel Cells
    • defined in ERP Handbook as technologies that generate electricity through an electrochemical reaction using a renewable fuel (e.g., sewer gas, landfill gas, or other renewable sources of hydrogen or hydrogen rich gases)

System Ownership

  • energy systems may not be owned by
    • electrical corporations (defined in the Public Utilities Code section 218)
    • local publicly owned electric utility (defined in Public Utilities Code section 9604(d))

Grid Interconnection

  • systems must be permanently interconnected to the electrical distribution grid (portable systems are not eligible)
  • site must receive service from PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, or BE
  • compliance with electrical codes and utility interconnection requirements must be ensured

System Components

  • Appendix 3 of the ERP Handbook describes how major system components must be certified or approved

New Equipment

  • major system components must be new
    • systems must be purchased or installed less than 18 months before application
    • system must not have been previously placed in service in a different location or for any other application

System Sized to Offset On-site Electricity Load

  • expected electricity production may not be more than the historical or expected electricity needs of the customer at the installation site
  • system must be sized accordingly

System Installation

  • installation by contractor: only licensed California contractors (A, B, or a C-10 license); installations accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the State of California Contractors State Licensing Board
  • self installation by owner: no licensing requirements but systems are eligible for lesser rebate

Five-Year Warranty Requirements

  • system must have a minimum five-year warranty (system/component breakdown protection; no-cost repair or replacement protection; protection against breakdown or degradation in electrical output of more than ten percent)

System Performance Meter

  • systems must be installed with performance meter that is listed with Energy Commission

Equipment Sellers

  • equipment selling companies must provide CEC with certain information (e.g. business name, address, business license number, contractor license number, proof of good standing on the records of the California Secretary of State)

Audits and Inspections

  • in order to verify the information provided, the CEC will conduct audits of applications
  • CEC may conduct field inspections to check proper system installation and operation