How to Avoid Discrimination

Discriminating employers

According to Bankruptcy Code Section 525 (b) an employer is prohibited from discriminated such as firing you solely because you filed for bankruptcy. The federal government is prohibited from terminating or denying employment based on your bankruptcy. Prohibited are also:

  1. refusal to issue a driver’s license
  2. refusal to provide your college transcripts
  3. termination of your public benefits
  4. evict you from public housing
  5. deny participation in a government contracts

Landlords are prohibited from terminating your lease if you file for bankruptcy. If you are looking for an apartment after you field for bankruptcy it is helpful to explain the reasons why you filed for bankruptcy in a letter to the landlord. Because of the spike in bankruptcies and foreclosures due to the economic downtown many landlords have relaxed their policies and are willing to rent to you if you filed for bankruptcy. Suggesting to the landlord to pay a higher security deposit or to pay one month in advance are effective ways to get an apartment.

Have you been discriminated against?

I you have been discriminated illegally because of our bankruptcy you can hire an attorney to sue for money damages in state court.