Planning for Incapacity

When you think about your future, you shouldn’t only consider what will happen after you pass away. What will happen to you, your loved ones, and your property when you should become incapacitate? Legal measures such as a durable power of attorney can help. At Rinne Legal, we understand that it is hard to think about this tragic event happening to you. Our experienced Rinne Legal estate planning team has helped hundreds of Californians with their legal planning for their future. It could be a car accident on your way home or a slow-developing dementia. As little we would like to spend time thinking about it, as important is it to take measures to make sure everything is taken care of in case you should become incapacitate. A durable power of attorney, advance health care directives and potentially a do-not-resuscitate order can be of help for you and your loved ones.

There are two main fields that have to be taken care of. The most important one regards the personal wellbeing. Here health care directives and also in some cases do-not-resuscitate orders allow to plan how medical treatment is conducted in case that yourself lose the capacity to decide on your own. On the other hand the financial side should not be left out. Everyone has many daily financial obligations that need attention even if one is not able to look after the finances himself, because he has become incapacitated for whatever reason. In this case somebody you trust should take care of your finances. That is what a durable power of attorney is used for.

Diligent estate planning attorneys, like the lawyers of Rinne Legal in San Francisco, Oakland, Fairfield, Walnut Creek and Sacramento can help you drafting the right documents.

Within this section you will find a description of the basic elements, that are commonly used to prepare for tragic events in life.