Living Trusts Components

Within the following chapter typical components of a declaration of trust are discussed. There is no default sequence in which the components have to be ordered. However if a component requires information of another one, it is usually advisable to mention the latter upfront. If a certain sequence appears logical, the respective components should be arranged accordingly.

Nevertheless quite often there are several possibilities of how a certain trust document can be sequenced. Thus, as a trust attorney in San Francisco, I know that there is no such thing as right or wrong when drafting a trust document. It is understandability, logic and legal compliance that governs the creation of a trust document. Furthermore it is very unlikely that all of the components are necessary to mention, as every trust structure is different. Needless to say that unnecessary components must not show up in a trust document.

When working with sample trust forms, one has to be aware of this diversity. Sample trust forms have to be read carefully and if necessary they have to be adjusted to the personal situation.