Where do I get the information I need?

All of your actions will be strictly examined by the bankruptcy court once you file for bankruptcy. To avoid unnecessary and costly complications during the bankruptcy process consult a local bankruptcy attorney early on. The attorney will make sure that you follow the guidelines set by the court and can ensure a smooth bankruptcy process.

Some of the things you should and should not are:

  1. Try to not use credit cards.
  2. Do not take any cash advances if you have the intent to file bankruptcy.
  3. Get lawyer advice about what creditors you should pay to protect the property you will need through the bankruptcy process.
  4. Keep all your financial documents in order. You will need to submit some of them to the court.
  5. Do not transfer assets with the intent to shelter them. Be careful who you transfer assets to. There are specific timelines what you can transfer to who. An attorney should look at your specific situations and advice you what you can transfer and what not.