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Davis is one of the larger cities and communities in the Sacramento area. Its reputation is deeply rooted as a great intellectual and educational community with the renowned University of California Davis. In 2006, Davis was ranked as the second most educated city in the United States. With its motto as the most bicycle friendly town in the world, Davis continues to hold true to its quiet and friendly community feel as it continues to grow.

As home of the University of California, Davis is also a leader and valuable contributor to the research and application of modern day biological and technological sciences. In fact, the university has maintained and utilized a nuclear accelerator since 1966, which has had a significant impact on the treatment for eye cancer.

Recently, however, many of Davis’ residents have undergone tough times due to the unfortunate and unforeseeable circumstances of the recent recession. Many of the businesses including the retail stores have suffered significantly and the financial woes have been felt by all. Many people and families have suffered from job loss, stock value depletion, and ever increasing unmanageable debt.

The bankruptcy lawyers at Rinne Legal are available to anyone who needs help or advice on how to handle bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy lawyers are well versed in the bankruptcy laws, both federal and California, and have the experience and expertise to help or give any advice one would need regarding debt and bankruptcy. The attorneys at Rinne Legal are here to provide the relief that many need in order to keep their homes and get their lives back on track.

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