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Named after John Charles Fremont, "The Great Path Finder", Fremont is a San Francisco Bay Area community that was formed by the consolidation of smaller towns in the 1950's. Similar to the surrounding bay area communities, Fremont is a city with many residents who commute throughout the bay area and serves as a key component to the socio-economic network that makes up the area.

Located in Alameda County, Fremont sits as one of the larger communities in the bay area with a population of approximately 217,000 people, with continuous growth. Not only is Fremont one of the larger suburban areas in the bay area, it is also considered to be a part of Silicon Valley and is home to many commuters who support the economic and financial structure of the world renowned technological center in California.

Since Fremont is such a predominant community that has a significant portion of the bay area and Silicon Valley workforce, the unfortunate circumstances of the recent recession in the country have impacted the community greatly. Many workers and families have been inflicted by severe and unmanageable debt and the community has suffered as a result. Job loss, losses in the stock market, and foreclosures are some of the examples of the financial troubles that have been widespread throughout Fremont as well as the surrounding communities.

The bankruptcy lawyers at Rinne Legal are available to anyone who needs help or advice on how to handle bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy lawyers are well versed in the bankruptcy laws, both federal and California, and have the experience and expertise to help or give any advice one would need regarding debt and bankruptcy. The attorneys at Rinne Legal are here to provide the relief that many need in order to keep their homes and get their lives back on track.

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