Do I meet the long enough and recently enough criteria?

As per the law it may not be enough if you have worked for many years paying Social Security taxes, it is more important as to when you worked. The law requires that you should have earned certain number of work credits during a certain period to be eligible. You can earn up to four credits in a year, one credit for every three months.

The number of work credits depends on your age when you became disabled. Normally you should have earned 20 credits over the last ten years just before you became disabled.

The rules are as follows:

  • Before the age of 24: You will need at least six credits earned in the three year period ending just before your disability started.
  • Between the age of 24 & 31: You will need three years work credit or 12 credits earned over the period between the ages 21 & 31.
  • Age 31 & above: You will generally need the number of work credits shown in the table below:
  • If you were disabled Work years/ Credits needed

    If you were disabledWork years/ Credits needed
    Before age 281.5 years/6 credits
    Age 302 years/8 credits
    Age 343 years/12 credits
    Age 384 years/16 credits
    Age 425 years/20 credits
    Age 445.5 years/22 credits
    Age 466 years/24 credits
    Age 486.5 years/ 26 credits
    Age 507 years/28 credits