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Sacramento is the state capital of California and is located about halfway between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe within the Sacramento Valley. As the seventh largest city in California, Sacramento shares the same metro-central financial hub position similar to San Francisco’s and is considered to be the core economic and cultural center in the area.

With its reputation as being among the top ten most livable cities in the United States, Sacramento has become a diverse and socially influential metropolis, flourishing with culture, art, business, and family values. Sacramento has also one of the few large cities in the United States that actively maintains and utilizes its historical buildings, collectively known as Old Sacramento.

However, recently, many of Sacramento’s residents have undergone tough times due to the unfortunate and unforeseeable circumstances of the recent recession. Many of the businesses, ranging from small retail stores to huge corporate firms have suffered financially. Many people and families have suffered from job loss, stock value depletion, and ever increasing unmanageable debt.

The bankruptcy lawyers at Rinne Legal are available to anyone who needs help or advice on how to handle bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy lawyers are well versed in the bankruptcy laws, both federal and California, and have the experience and expertise to help or give any advice one would need regarding debt and bankruptcy. The attorneys at Rinne Legal are here to provide the relief that many need in order to keep their homes and get their lives back on track.

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