NSHP Incentives

The NSHP is a state rebate program and offers four incentive levels in two incentive structures. Incentives depend on the housing type and the expected performance of the system (the electrical generation over the lifetime of the system is anticipated). The Expected Performance-Based Incentive (EPBI) is determined on the basis of factors like efficiency, geographic location, orientation, tilt and shading. The incentives are determined after a comparison with a reference system in San Jose, California.

All incentives in both categories decline over time as specific megawatt goals (specific cumulative MW volume of reservations) are achieved. The program costumer can request the incentive once the system is installed, fully operational, and if all the program requirements are met.

First Incentive Structure (Conventional or market-rate housing)

Second Incentive Structure (Qualified affordable housing projects)

Additional NSHP Support