NSHP Incentive Prerequisites

Both, the residential building and the solar system itself must meet specific NSHP requirements in order to qualify for NSHP incentives.

Residential building must…

    …receive electricity distribution service from one of the investor-owned utilities (IOUs) that collect funds in support of the program (PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, BVES electric)

    …achieve energy efficiency levels greater than the “Title 24”-standards (current Building Energy Efficiency Standards, Title 24, Part 6)

        • Builder can choose between two tiers of energy efficiency standards:

            Tier I Title 24 Standards + 15% or higher

            • 15% reduction in the buildings combined energy compared to the current Title 24 Standards
            • Title I is minimum condition for:
              • NSHP participation
              • Qualification for additional IOU energy efficiency program incentives

            Tier II Title 24 Standards + 35% or higher and 40% or higher for cooling energy

            • 35% reduction in the residential building’s combined space heating, cooling, and water heating energy and 40 percent in the residential building’s space cooling (air conditioning) energy compared to the current Title 24 Standards
            • Title 2 is intended to provide for an immediate positive cash flow to homeowners and to encourage home builders to move toward zero energy homes
        • Each appliance must be designated with the ENERGY STAR if such a designation is applicable for the specific appliance type.

The solar system must be …

    …1 kW or larger

    …interconnected to the utility distribution grid

    …build to offset the customer’s on-site electrical load with the electricity generated

    …be located on the end-use consumer’s premise

    …be composed of new certified components that are approved by the CEC (used equipment that was in service on a different site does not qualify)

    …insured with a 10-year warranty against defects undue degradation of electrical output

    …installed and field-verified by a third-party as specified in the NHSP Guidebook