Online Resources:

  • Rinne Legal Bankruptcy Blog
    Latest News and Developments in Bankruptcy and Debt Negotiation
  • U.S. Trustee Website
  • This website is a good resource for IRS standard expense allowances. Every person who files bankruptcy has a certain amount of standard expenses such as food, commute, rent, home maintenance, car ownership cost, car operating expenses, education etc.
  • Kelly Blue Book for used car values
    Estimating the value of your car and home. When you file for bankruptcy you are required to put down the current market value of your car. Depending on the value your car will be fully or partially exempt in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • Zillow
  • This website may be used to obtain the value of your home or rental property. I noticed that Zillow estimates tend to be high. It is important if there is equity in the property that needs to be protected or if you wish to lien strip a second mortgage in a chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • America’s Consumer Law Experts
  • U.S. Courts Bankruptcy Forms
  • Article about the reasons and effects of bankruptcy

Online Bankruptcy Laws

Online Resources

Offline Resources:

  • Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Prevention
    An Easy to Read Guide With California specific laws and examples
    Author: Attorney Michael Rinne, LL.M.

  • Collier on Bankruptcy (Mathew Bender)
    This is the most complete source on bankruptcy. Collier is available in law libraries. It is organized according to the bankruptcy statutes and is updated semi-annually.