Fairfield Bankruptcy Lawyer on Attorney Fees for Chapter 13

Welcome to our law firm website. For an overview of our firm please click on home and about us. We are Fairfield, Sacramento and Walnut Creek Bankruptcy attorneys serving the needs of people with financial hardships.

If you have credit card debts, car loans or mortgage debts you should contact us. We can help you get back on our feed and start fresh.

Our fees are reasonable and reflect our commitment to serve people with financial hardships.

for more on fees in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy see below.

While Chapter 7 Bankruptcies may cost around $1500,00 depending on the complexity a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy starts at $3,500.00. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is more complicated and you will be represented by the attorney for a much longer time than in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

As a Fairfield California bankruptcy attorney we also offer solutions for our client's mortgages. Often our clients are several months behind in their mortgage payments. We help our clients too keep their houses if tha is what they wish. Being a bankruptcy lawyer helps in our negotiations with mortgage lenders. The lenders know that if they do not cooperate with us, we have the tool of bankruptcy to often accomplish what is desired by our clients. This motivates the lenders to negotiate with us.

We serve clients in Solano County, Sacramento County and Contra Costa County. We work out of our offices in Walnut Creek. A bankruptcy attorney in Fairfield, Sacramento or Walnut Creek knows the local rules of the courts serving these areas.